Installation of a Water Softener and Filtration System Solves Problems With Tap Water

Residents of Phoenix who suspect their tap water is getting harder are right. The metropolitan area increasingly must depend on the Central Arizona Project canal from the Colorado River. That water contains more minerals than sources that used to be relied on more heavily. For residents of phoenix water softener installation may be preferable to putting up with the higher mineral content.

Water Treatment

Although groundwater and other water sources are treated before being released into the municipality, that treatment does not remove dissolved minerals. That's why tap water can become harder as the city changes its sources. Softeners trap the minerals in a resin tank through an ion exchange process using sodium. The other tank is kept filled with salt tablets.

Problems Caused by Mineral Content

Dissolved calcium and magnesium are the most prevalent minerals in Phoenix-area tap water. They cause a hard scale and soap scum to build up along surfaces where water accumulates. Hard white crusts can develop on the ends of faucets and along sink, tub, and shower surfaces. That makes cleaning a bigger hassle, requiring more elbow grease and, sometimes, special products that cut through that buildup.

Hard water also reduces the effectiveness of soap, leading people to use more shampoo, body soap, and laundry detergent. It leaves spots on drinking glasses after washing and on shower doors. After the installation of water softeners phoenix, residents no longer have to deal with these problems.


During installation of a water softener phoenix, residents may want to have the plumber add a filtration system to block additives and contaminants the softener does not affect. For instance, the household residents may sometimes be able to detect a slight whiff of chlorine from the water treatment that they find unpleasant. They may not want to drink water containing added fluoride. The right filters will eliminate these substances.

Concluding Thoughts

Minerals in water are not considered contaminants. In fact, most of the bottled water that people buy contains added or natural minerals. Some people prefer the flavor of mineral water. However, in tap water, a high mineral content is a nuisance because of all the negative effects around the household.

For installation of a filtration system and the best water softener phoenix, residents may contract with a company such as Allegiance Water. Licensed plumbers are considered the best choice for this type of work. They provide high-quality products and make sure everything is installed properly and works as it should.